My Vision

Hello my name is Raymond (aka A-Picture Photography or A-Pic) and I own my very own time machine!

Each picture I take has the power to instantly transport you to any time or place in an instant. A picture is so much more than just an image on a screen or on photo paper; it’s a moment in your life that you physically can never get back. That’s what makes my job so special; I am here to catch all those special moments, on the biggest day of your life. I help to keep your experience of the day alive, with no loss of detail over the passage of time. Ultimately I give you your very own time machine, which you will want to hop into on a regular basis.

Officially my photography journey started 5 years ago on a warm summers evening in the garden with my then fiancée, we were discussing our purpose for being here; very philosophical I know, when it came to me, my purpose was to use my passion for photography to preserve memories, feelings and experiences, to allow people to look back on them in times of need, distress, or grief and be instantly reminded of a happier time – My purpose was to be the memory catcher who happens to have a time machine!

Chelena (my wife) and I have two beautiful children Rai and Zach, whom I constantly photograph! My family means everything to me, and they have helped me to develop my photography skills, but most importantly they remind me how special those transient moments really are. The day I stop smiling when I see my pictures of them, will be the day I put my camera down! You can check out The Pips here as they are affectionately named.

I have done many different types of photography but nothing comes close to wedding photography, it is a joy and a privilege to be a small part of one of the most special days in a couple’s life. Pictures are memories in the palm of your hands and I fell elated to have the power to give your memories eternal life for generations to come.

Each wedding or portrait I shoot I set out to capture the essence of that day, in the form of a collection of moments, I don’t believe in too much posing, life and moments never stand still so why should you? My aim is for you to enjoy your day without me buzzing around asking you to move here and there, I enjoy catching those special glimpses you thought no one saw or that embrace of old friends reuniting, or the child having a boogie on the dance floor, completely enjoying the moment.

I hope my journey with you will be an amazing one, that will never end, I guarantee that each time you look back on the moments I have captured, you will have a smile on your face as you are transported back in time.

Have a good look around my site, and I hope to make your acquaintance very soon!