Sushil and Minesh wedding212

Q1. Are you insured?

A. I’m fully insured for public and personal liability.

Q2. Do you have back-up equipment?

A. Too much as my wife would say! I normally shoot with one or two cameras, but I guess it really depends on the event.  I will always have a spare body in the bag.

Q3. Do you put your logos all over our pictures?

A. No way!!!! The only reason Photographers put their logo on your pictures is to advertise their work, and I would hope that you are so happy with your pictures that you would spread the word without the need for me to spoil your pictures. The disks that you will receive will contain both high-resolution photos, for you to print from, and compressed photos, that are ideal for sending via email or on your smart phone.

Q4. How far do you travel?

A. To infinity and beyond!!! Only joking, I will travel pretty much anywhere (warm and sunny locations are greatly appreciated LOL). For all Weddings, travel within 50 miles of my home address in Croydon is included in the standard fee. Anything over that may incur a small surcharge however this is something I am happy to discuss with you.

Q5. What is the booking procedure?

A. Once you’ve got in touch and we’ve arranged a consultation to discuss your exact requirements, a non-refundable £300 deposit is required to secure your date along with a short booking form.

Q6. Do you take formal shots?

A. It’s one of those things that most people don’t enjoy, but always want as part of their albums, plus Mums and Dads will want to see more traditional shots and it’s nice to keep them happy. At the end of the day I am there to help you have the album of your choice so it’s really your choice, either way we are going to have a great time capturing your special day.

Q7. Can you try and summaries your style?

A. Now this is a question! I could use a whole host of titles but I like to keep it simple, I focus on catching your special day or event as it was, I like to think of myself as a guest who is there to take pictures for you. I’ll be there to pose the formal group shots and the bride and groom portraits, but other than that my aim is to be the photographic version of a Stealth Bomber you shouldn’t see me at all (until it’s too late and I snapped that secret dance move you thought no one saw!!)

Q8. Will my photos be in colour or black and white?

A. While I am editing, a photo may grab me as a beautiful black and white picture and vice versa. However, photography is such a personal thing, if I have created any affects to your pictures I always include the original, but if you have a preference discuss them when we meet.

Q9. Do we have to feed you?

A. No, but a friend once said to me a hungry man is angry man! Us photographers need love too, so a sandwich and a drink would really be appreciated. #coupleswhoprovidethebestmealswillberewarded LOL

Q10. What will you wear?

A. I have a neon cat suit I am partial to wearing, LOL no I will be wearing comfortable formal attire that will allow me to go anywhere I need to be to get that shot, but as always if you need me to wear certain colours or a certain style of clothing (for religious or other reasons) please let me know and I’m sure it will not be a problem.

Q11. Can you provide an album?

A. Does Usain Bolt run fast? Yep I sure do, all of my packages come with hand-made, gorgeous albums made here in the UK.